Setting up Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

If using a Mac, click here.


  • A PC or Mac using one of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7, 8, or 10
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.6 and later
    • Linux -- coming soon!
  • Connection to the Internet. This may be a home, business, or campus connection to a network outside of LLE.
  • A username and password in the LLE domain.
  • A SecurID key fob. Contact the Computer Support Group to obtain a SecurID if you do not already have one.

Setting up VPN on Windows

  1. Download When the download completes:
    • In Chrome: right click (or click the small arrow) on the file that appears in the download bar. Choose "Show in folder".
    • In Firefox: choose "Save File" then choose "Show all downloads".
    • In IE: choose "Save" then choose "Open Folder".
    Chrome Show in Folder
  2. When you can see the zip file in your Download folder, right click it, and choose "Extract All...".
  3. Extract All
  4. Click the "Extract" button.
  5. When the extracted folder opens, you should see two files: gpinst.bat and GlobalProtect64.msi like this:
  6. GP Folder
  7. Double click the gpinst.bat file.
  8. Click "Yes" and/or "Run" when prompted like this:
  9. Unknown Publisher or
    Allow Changes
  10. When the installation is complete, the global protect icon will appear in the system tray:
  11. GP Tray Icon
  12. Right click it, and choose "connect".
  13. Context Connect
  14. Enter your LLE user name, and your SecureID pin + current token as your password:
  15. Authenticate
  16. Click the "Apply" button.
  17. Wait a bit, perhaps 30 seconds, the global protect icon will say "Connecting" and whirl, then say "Services connected". You are now part of the LLE network.
  18. Tray Connected Icon Connected

Setting up VPN on OS X

  1. Download GlobalProtect.pkg.
  2. When the download completes, click the Downloads folder on your Dock, then click the GlobalProtect.pkg installer to launch it.
  3. Downloads Package
  4. Click "Continue" twice. Click "Install".
  5. Install1
  6. When prompted, enter your password and click "Install Software".
  7. Permit Install
  8. Wait a bit.
  9. When the GlobalProtect client starts for the first time:
    • Enter the LLE VPN Portal address: ""
    • Enter your LLE user name.
    • Enter your SecureID pin + current token as your password.
    • Click "Connect"
  10. The first time you use the VPN, you will need to enter your credentials a second time. Be sure to wait 30 seconds for the token on your SecureID to change:
  11. Login
  12. Wait a bit...
  13. Eventually, the Status will change to "Connected". You are now part of the LLE network.
  14. Connected
  15. You can close the GlobalProtect window if you like. You are connected as long as you see this icon in your system tray:
  16. Icon

Setting up VPN on Linux

  1. Coming soon!