UR Fusion Science Center

2009 Summer School Proceedings

Lecture Notes


Author Lecture Format Size
Beg Generation and transport of high intensity laser-generated hot electrons in fast ignition relevant targets Adobe Acrobat icon 16.4 MB
Beg High Energy Density Physics with Pulsed Power Driven Z-Pinches Adobe Acrobat icon 40.5 MB
Betti Implosion Hydrodynamics for High Energy-Density Physics and Inertial Confinement Fusion Adobe Acrobat icon 348 KB
Betti One dimensional implosion hydrodynamics Adobe Acrobat icon 160 KB
Betti Hot Spot Dynamics and Hydrodynamic Instabilities Adobe Acrobat icon 252 KB
Drake Introduction to High Energy Density Physics Adobe Acrobat icon 3 MB
Hinkel Laser-plasma interactions in ignition targets for the National Ignition Facility Adobe Acrobat icon 9.9 MB
Key Fast Ignition Adobe Acrobat icon 2.4 MB
Meyerhofer Diagnostics for High-Energy-Density Physics Adobe Acrobat icon 8.8 MB
Mori Lectures on Laser Plasma Instabilities Adobe Acrobat icon 1.5 MB
Ren Introduction to Particle-in-Cell Method in Plasma Simulations Adobe Acrobat icon 5.7 MB
Rosen The role of the National Ignition Facility in ICF/IFE Adobe Acrobat icon 14.8 MB
Van Woerkom Intense Laser Matter Interactions & Electron Transport Issues Adobe Acrobat icon 4.5 MB
Van Woerkom Transport Issues Adobe Acrobat icon 1.9 MB




Author Topic Format Size
Bush Effect of Defocusing on Laser-Coupling into Gold Cones Adobe Acrobat icon 4.5 MB
Dollar Diagnostics of Laser Wakefield Acceleration Experiments using 100 TW laser pulses Adobe Acrobat icon 2 MB
Dorf Collective Focusing of an Intense Ion Beam Propagating Along a Weak Solenoidal Magnetic Field Adobe Acrobat icon 1.1 MB
Doron Effect of Single-Wavelength Initial Conditions In Low-Atwood Rayleigh-Taylor Mixing Adobe Acrobat icon 720 KB
Dover Accessing the radiation pressure ion acceleration regime using ultrathin targets Adobe Acrobat icon 1.1 MB
Falk Probing Warm Dense Matter with X-ray Thomson Scattering Adobe Acrobat icon 2.5 MB
Hao Collisional Effects on the Relativistic Electromagnetic Modes for Beam–Plasma Interactions in the Whole k Space Adobe Acrobat icon 252 KB
Haehn Inertial Confinement Fusion Related Experimental Investigation of a Twice-Shocked Spherical Density Inhomogeneity Microsoft Powerpoint icon 2.6 MB
Hager First Rayleigh-Taylor & Richtmyer-Meshkov instability measurements in laser driven planar targets on the OMEGA-EP laser Adobe Acrobat icon 392 KB
Huntington Diagnostic Development for Radiative Shock Experiments at Omega Adobe Acrobat icon 9.2 MB
Ivancic Intense Laser-to-Fast Electron Coupling in Wedge Shaped Cavity Targets Microsoft Powerpoint icon 4 MB
Lafon Shock ignition : modeling elements and target robustness Microsoft Powerpoint icon 2.5 MB
May Electron Acceleration by High Intensity Lasers in Steep Density Gradients Adobe Acrobat icon 8.3 MB
Nejdl X-ray laser: an unique tool for the dense plasma probing Adobe Acrobat icon 3 MB
Palmer Petawatt Ion Acceleration From Nanometer Scale Targets Microsoft Powerpoint icon 19.5 MB
Valdivia Preliminary Observations of Pure Metal Z-pinch Plasma Formation within a Conducting Coil Adobe Acrobat icon 7.9 MB
Wagenaars Laboratory measurements of hot iron opacities at EUV wavelengths Adobe Acrobat icon 1.6 MB
Wang The guiding of relativistic laser pulse in performed hollow plasma channels Microsoft Powerpoint icon 568 KB